Coffee Table

Living room in need of a coffee table? Annalien and Peter have the solution. Using repurposed wood, this unique coffee table is bound to be a show stopper

You Will Need

Tools Materials
PCM 1800 SD Compound mitre saw Pine 20mm PAR
PSR 18 Cordless drill Base shelf and top 600 x 1000 – 2 pieces
PEX 220 sander Sides and dividers 60mm x600mm – 3 pieces
PFS 2000 Leg supports 40 mm x 1000 mm – 4 pieces
  Skirt Plywood 10/12mm 40mm x 1000 mm – 4 pieces
  Pine 75mm x 50mm – 500mm – 4 pieces
  20mm thick Pine cleats 40mm x 500 – 15 pieces
  20mm thick Meranti cleats 40mm x 500mm – 15 pieces
  screws 4 x 40 mm
  Screws 3 x 30 mm
  meranti wood filler
  pine wood filler
  wood glue
  clear varnish 1 ltr

Follow these steps:

  • Mark out where top and bottom fit onto the dividers
  • Attach sides and dividers to bottom
  • Mark out where legs fit and drill pilot holes
  • Cut legs to size and router
  • Attach legs to bottom
  • Strengthen legs with cross slats
  • Attach top
  • Design inlay and attach wood
  • Cut if necessary to size
  • Attach skirting around top
  • Sand and varnish.

Take a closer look

Download the layout plans

 >> Download PDF – Coffee Table Layout