Coconut Yoghurt

Pete finds out that we are actually more bacteria than human – thanks to the healthy microbes that live in our gut. How do we take care of these vital organisms? Fermented foods! From Sauerkraut with Kitsa Yanniotis, to Coconut Kefir and Yogurt with Maria Hunt, to Kimchi, to the PRE-biotic: Sweet Potato Fries with Anthia Koullouros.

(This recipe makes about 600 ml. Any leftover yoghurt can be stored in the fridge for up to 2 weeks.)

Serves: 2 – 4


  • Flesh and water of 4 young coconuts
  • Juice of 2 lemons or limes
  • 1–2 vanilla pods, split lengthways, seeds scraped
  • Yacon syrup, maple syrup or honey to taste
  • 2 probiotic capsules (if dairy-free, purchase a non-dairy starter culture online)


  1. To make the coconut cream, combine the coconut flesh, one-third of the coconut water, the lemon or lime juice, vanilla seeds and sweetener to taste. Blend until smooth and creamy. Depending on the consistency you prefer, you can add more coconut water.
  2. Split open the probiotic capsules, pour the contents into the blender and pulse again for a further 10 seconds. Pour the coconut mixture into a 1 litre glass jar, cover with paper towel and allow to sit for 6 – 12 hours at room temperature so that the probiotic cultures can proliferate (break down) the yoghurt. The longer you leave the yoghurt to incubate, the tangier the yoghurt becomes. On warmer days this process will happen faster than cooler days when you may need longer incubation times. Simply taste a small amount of the yoghurt and place it in the fridge as soon as it has reached the desired level of acidity / tanginess.