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On Coast vs. Country, house hunters from across the UK enlist the help of property experts, Sara Damergi and Kerr Drummond to assist them in finding their dream home in a desirable location, whether it’s a holiday home, a retirement retreat or a fresh start home.

Each host takes on the competitive task by tracking an array of properties to view either by the coast or in the country, whether in the UK or abroad, giving potential purchasers a wide scope of options to choose from.

26 July – 01 Aug: Episode 4


Rachel and Charman married two years ago, but faced tough obstacles when Rachel was diagnosed with cancer. Now healthy and eager for a new start, they are looking to buy a home in Devon.

Episode 5

Isle of Wight

Simon and Caroline are hoping to find their forever home in the Isle of Wight. Caroline wants a change of lifestyle by moving to the country, but Simon wants to continue living by the sea.

Episode 6


Obsessive West Ham supporters Ann and David are eager to move back to Essex and be closer to their team’s stadium. With a max budget of £350,000, will they choose the coast or countryside?

Episode 7


Leanne and Ricky live in Chipping Norton, but have fallen in love with Ricky’s homeland of Scotland. They have £220,000 and while Leanne is keen on the sea, Ricky prefers rural landscapes.

Episode 8


John and Carolyn are looking for their dream property in Devon with a budget of £700,000. Carolyn loves the country lifestyle, but John wants to enjoy the buzz of the coast.

Episode 9


Katrina and Nigel are keen to relocate to Cornwall after 27 years in London. Katrina has fond memories of being by the sea as a child, while Nigel’s got his heart set on long country walks.

Episode 10


Tony and Sheila love Norfolk, and after years of visiting are finally taking the plunge and planning to move there. But will they choose to live by the sea or in the countryside?

Episode 11


Retired couple Tim and Sue have decided they should move into their forever home in Somerset, but while Tim hopes to move away from the coast and into the countryside, Sue has other ideas.

Episode 12

South Devon

Louisa and Julian are selling up in Middlesex for more space in south Devon. With £260,000, Kerr tries to fulfil Louisa’s dream of living by the sea, while Sara vies for the countryside.

Episode 13


Ann and Keith have been together for six years and want to retire to Suffolk. For their £400,000 budget, they want three bedrooms, a large garden and space for Keith to do up his old car.

Episode 14


Plumber Paul and his partner Mandy are looking for their first home together in Sussex. They need a family house big enough to entertain family and friends, either by the sea or inland.

Episode 15

North Wales

John and Karen live in Cheshire and have £400,000 to spend in North Wales. John would love to have the sea close by, while Karen loves the changing colours of the countryside.

Episode 16

West Sussex

With a budget of £1.25 million, Amanda and Clive want to leave Bromley and the rat race for peace and quiet in West Sussex, with their dog Lulu, but they can’t agree on coast or country

Episode 17


Hypnotherapist David and wildlife enthusiast Carolynne have fallen in love with Northumberland, and are now looking for their forever home in the region with a budget of £375,000

Episode 18


Lesley and Ian are planning a move to Dorset with a £500,000 budget. While Ian wants to enjoy the pleasant pastures of the countryside, Leslie would love to have the sound of the sea close.

Episode 19

East Sussex

Jane and Gordon have £300,000 to spend in East Sussex. As they near retirement, Gordon would love to have the sea close by, while Jane loves all that the countryside has to offer.

Episode 20


Retired engineer Barry and his partner Pauline are ready to set up home together in their dream county of Suffolk. But will they spend their £425,000 budget on the coast or in the country?