Chuck’s Day Off – Previous Season

What does the owner and head chef of the city’s hottest restaurant do on his only day off every week? If you’re Chuck Hughes, you cook.

Every episode is shot at Chuck’s restaurant and follows him preparing food for whatever he’s chosen to get up to on his day off. But just cause the front doors are closed doesn’t mean the business of running a restaurant shuts down… While cooking, Chuck juggles the array of deliveries, challenges and characters that pop into the restaurant on the one day of the week that the public isn’t allowed in.

Episode 1 – The Bro Show

From ribs to burgers to steaks, this is the best BBQ Sauce “you’ll never buy”.

Episode 2 – Staff Meal

Chuck’s Carrot Butter is a super easy sauce that goes perfectly with fish, seafood, sautéed mushrooms and so much more. And all you need are carrots and butter. Seriously.

Episode 3 – Fish Wars

Seafood is Chuck’s passion so it’s no surprise that his cocktail sauce packs a real punch and makes the stuff in the jar taste like, well, “stuff in a jar”.

Episode 4 – Grazing, Gabby Girls

Get some berries, raid your pantry for leftover cereal, mix in just a little work and dessert is served.

Episode 5 – The Boys Across the Road

Who knew a simple chocolate sauce could be used so many ways? Chuck did.

Episode 6 – The Disaster Show

Chuck’s repair guys worked overtime to keep the restaurant going during the week, so Chuck spends his day off cooking a thank you meal for them. He cooks up creamed corn, jerk chicken and dumplings and a brownie with warm caramel.


Episode 7 – The Hottest Day Ever

Chuck and his tattoo artist are looking for a way to beat the heat with some good eats so Chuck prepares a great summer menu. He makes tequila lemonade, a clam bake, 3 flavoured butters and some homemade sugar cones.


Episode 8 – The Beer Show

Chuck has a great relationship with his beer suppliers and thanks them with a meal built around their brew. He makes a salad with Blue Cheese beer vinaigrette, spicy beer nuts, fried haddock and a gourmet chocolate stout cake.


Episode 9 – The Hangover Show

Chuck whips up a hangover breakfast to energize him and his oyster shucking buddy Robert for the day ahead. He bakes a delicious, no-knead, bread, a mackerel tortilla, some thick-cut bacon and finally, honey butter.


Episode 10 – My Toughest Critics

Chuck prepares his take on some classics for his toughest critics of all- his family. He cooks up a storm with a cheese and tomato tart, mushrooms and speck salad, martini pork chops, and mom’s famous maple pecan pie.


Episode 11 – The Upstairs Neighbors

The family that lives upstairs are great neighbours but the restaurant isn’t a kid friendly place… So Chuck invites the family down for a special dinner. He cooks up stuffed celery stalks, fried chicken, pasta, and deep-fried mars bars.


Episode 12 – The Firemen Show

After a fire nearly takes out the restaurant, Chuck thanks the firemen by preparing a menu of tasty treats. He makes peppercorn beef roast, hot oysters, and horseradish mash and ends off with a show-stopping peach flambé.


Episode 13 – The Healthy Show

After a fire nearly takes the restaurant out, Chuck thanks the firemen by preparing a menu of tasty treats. He makes a herb and chickpea salad, wild rice paella and steamed carrot cakes with honey yoghurt frosting.