Chocolate and Strawberry Filled Crêpes

  • 20 crêpes – store bought bought (Woolworths) or homemade
  • 1 bottle (quantity) pralinutta or nutella
  • 250g fresh strawberries, cut in half
  1. Warm the crêpes. Spread with chocolate spread and place the strawberries down the centre of each crêpe. Roll the crêpe to enclose the strawberries.
  2. Dust with icing sugar just before serving.
  3. Melt 200g dark chocolate with 80ml (⅓ cup) cream to make a drizzling chocolate sauce.  Drizzle over the crêpes just before serving.




  • 375ml (1½ cups) flour 
  • 2 eggs
  • 175ml (¾ cup) water
  • 125ml (½ cup) milk
  • 30ml (2 tbs) oil
  • 30ml (2 tbs) sugar
  • 15ml (1 tbs) brandy


  1. Whisk together all the ingredients until smooth. 
  2. The mixture must be very thin for the crêpes to be light.  Crêpes can be made up to 2 days before. Place wax paper between the crêpes to store them.
  3. Warm them in the microwave to prevent them from breaking.

Makes 12 crepes