Kids Rocker Chair

Instead of building a normal rocking chair, Peter and Annalien build a stylish rocker the right size for kids. Annalien shows you how to remove crayon marks from walls and Peter builds an oversized safety pin to be used as a towel rack. So be inspired to build your own rocker and watch step-by-step to see how they Get it Done!

You will need:

Tools Material list
PCM compound sliding Mitre Saw Ply wood 18mm 
PST 18 Jigsaw Sides 1200 x 1000mm – 1 piece
POF 1400 Router plus round over bit Foot pieces 100 x 250mm – 2 pieces (will cut from off cuts)
PSR 10.8 Cordless drill Driver Stop ends 70 x 400mm – 2 pieces (will cut from off cuts)
PSR 18 Cordless Drill Driver seat slats 50 x 300mm – 2 pieces (will cut from off cuts)
PEX 220 Eccentric/Random Orbital sander Handle bar 40mm round x 500 mm – 1 piece (use wooden curtain rod)
PTK 14 Electric Tacker  furniture T nut – 6 pieces (countersink bolt – length 60 mm)       
PFS 5000 spray gun Webbing black 50mm – 8 mtrs 
  Safety pin hanger head – we can cut out from off cuts 
  Flexible plumbing 16mm tube – 2 mtrs (BWH sells white one for R44 per 2mtr length)
  4 x 40mm screws
  Wood glue
  clear varnish water based – 5 ltr (we then have enough for further shoots)
  Cleaning crayon off the walls material ???

Follow these steps

  1. Draw out a template on paper based on the size of the child you would like to make the rocker for – base the size on an existing bicycle
  2. Trace around the template onto some plywood
  3. Cut out the two sides that were based on your template
  4. Mark off where each foot plate goes – where the childs feet will rest
  5. Mark out where stoppers go – this is to prevent the rocker from tipping forward or backwards too much.
  6. Router all edges
  7. Drill out holes for handle bars on the top
  8. Assemble sides, stoppers, and foot plate
  9. Attach handle (curtain rod) by sliding it through the holes and use screws to attach
  10. Sand and varnish
  11. Decorate if need be
  12. Do the seat strapping with webbing by doing the vertical strips first and then the horizontal strips
  13. Safety Pin hanger
    1. Cut out shape for safety pin head
    2. Drill holes for pipe
    3. Router edges
    4. Sand and varnish/paint
    5. Bend and attach pipe

Get the layout plans

Rocking bike


Some more pictures