Cheese board

Golden rules:

Try to include one of each of:

  • Brie or camembert or any other rind mould cheese
  • Blue cheese gorgonzola, blue rock or stilton
  • Hard / strong cheese cheddar, mature gouda or gruyere
  • Semi-hard / mild cheese emmenthaler, fontina or havarti
  • Flavoured cheese like leiden or flavoured chevre goats cheese


You can serve three cheeses for a small group – choose your favourites from the list above, or add more cheeses to the basic group.  Try not to include cheeses that are too had to cut unless you encourage your guests to break the cheese into chunks.

Always serve the cheese board with a selection of sweet and savoury accompaniments such as sweet chilli jam, figs, chutneys, pickled onions, fresh fruit such as grapes, nuts and of course bread and biscuits.  Butter is not traditional but of course is your choice.

Allow the cheese board to warm up – 1 to 2 hours on a warm day.  Never serve cheese straight from the fridge – the flavours will be dulled.