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In the series Candice takes viewers through the ins-and-outs of her signature makeovers while exploring a major design principle in each episode. The audience sees first-hand where Candice gets her design inspiration from and joins her as she traverses the city to see how these principles work in other mediums and art forms. Candice also gets the scoop from design industry insiders and meets up with professionals and artists doing inspiring and fabulous things beyond the world of interior design. It is a first-hand glimpse into Candice’s world, her design process and inspiration, as well as a chance to see her as we have never seen her before – up-close and personal!

Episode 1 – TEEN BASEMENT BACHELOR PAD (Calvin’s Bedroom)

While creating the perfect basement bedroom for a growing teenager, Candice has to contend with a client reluctant to let go of her first born and a crew inadvertently exposed to the chickenpox. Candice’s sunny attitude is further tested when she must relinquish control to a graffiti artist who refuses to let her in on his artistic vision. Undeterred Candice concocts a teen dream space, where Calvin can study and hang out with his friends, all against the backdrop of cool original graffiti art.

Episode 2 – URBAN DESIGN, SUBURBAN LIVING (Rina & Nilesh’s Family Room)

When an urban-centric couple regrets their recent move to the suburbs, they hire Candice to inject some downtown sophistication into their bland suburban home. Faced with a 1980s kitschy, comfy family room complete with stucco ceilings and bad stenciling, Candice gets to work creating a contemporary chic lounge like setting. But will it be enough to convince this couple to stay in the ‘burbs, or will they hightail it back to the Big City?

Episode 3 – THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE HOME (Jean François’ Main Living Space)

Foot loose and fancy free, global adventurer Jean François took possession of his century old worker’s cottage just a few months ago and wants Candice to transform his tiny 200 square foot living/dining room into a space as elegantly minimal and flexible as his lifestyle. But small spaces can generate big headaches when Jean Francois leaves on a vacation during the renovation and cannot be reached. Will Candice and her team be able to complete the job before he returns from his travels?

Episode 4 – KEEPING IT IN THE FAMILY (Dana & Simon’s Basement Den)

New parents Dana and Simon bought a house with real sentimental value – it was previously owned by her Grandmother! But nostalgia ain’t what it used to be and Candice is faced with a basement den that is so true to Grandma’s taste and style that it looks like a 70’s museum. Candice demonstrates extreme sensitivity and her deep intuitive skills in bringing this room into the present while keeping enough of the past alive to keep her clients happy.

Episode 5 – ROYAL RETRO KITCHEN (Anita & Derek’s Kitchen)

Candice must answer to two masters when a husband wants an over the top classic French-style kitchen, and his wife’s vision is sleek and contemporary. Faced with a massive kitchen space, Candice must stretch the budget to accommodate a huge amount of cabinets, and a ton of counter space – both of which can eat up a budget in no time.

Episode 6 – LUXURY ENSUITE RETREAT (Lesley & John’s Master EnSuite and Bedroom)

With four teenage children, Lesley and John don’t have a lot of privacy from their recently blended family. Candice moves the couple to the other side of the house, away from the hustle and bustle of teen life and creates a luxurious master ensuite and bedroom. But delays at customs compound construction challenges and threaten to put the kibosh on this lucky couple’s peaceful and beautiful retreat.

Episode 7 – EUROPEAN PENTHOUSE (Ana & Mario’s Condo Living and Dining Room)

New parents Ana and Mario want to maintain their sophisticated, European lifestyle while being able to accommodate the very different demands of their two year old daughter. Candice has a challenge on her hands when sees that this couple’s new condo has great bones with its high ceilings and large floor to ceiling windows but also has some pretty outdated and expensive finishes and an ill conceived layout. Old World meets New in Candice’s design that creates a space that is elegant and contemporary for the adults while being practical enough for young Beatrice.

Episode 8 – BLOWING OUT THE BASEMENT (Kate & Sean’s Basement Family Room)

With two energetic teens, Kate and Sean want to maximize every inch of their home. Candice takes one look at their bland, dingy and unloved basement and sees a lodge-inspired family room where this outdoorsy couple and their kids can spend time with each other and entertain friends and family. But big spaces and big budgets provide pale shelter against the demands of construction and very picky clients.

Episode 9 – HOME SWEET HOME (George & John’s Living/Dining Room)

George and John have a modest yet charming house that until a few months ago was the head quarters for John’s successful mascot company. Both want to capitalize on the space but that is where all agreement ends. Candice acts as designer and peacemaker when she transforms their unused living and dining room into a comfortable and welcoming space that both boys can love.

Episode 10 – GORGEOUS GIRLY BEDROOMS (Maria & Karl’s 2 girls’ bedrooms)

Maria and Karl’s 9 and 10 year old daughters have always shared a bedroom but as they approach their teen years, it’s time to give each of them their own space. Its doubletrouble for Candice when she has to make both rooms attractive and welcoming for these competitive sisters but one room is smaller and has little natural light. After much searching for the perfect design, Candice comes up with a novel and beautiful solution to keep both daughters happy.

Episode 11 – LIVING IN THE LIVING ROOM (Marianne & Michael’s Living Room)

Marianne and Mike have a beautiful 90 year old house but can’t figure out how to make their living room meet their 21st century needs without moving their furniture every time they want to watch TV or sit in front of the fire. Candice takes the best of this century home’s features which include a wonderful fireplace and unique crown moulding and marries them to new tech and functional furniture. The result is a unique and elegant combination that will work for many years to come.

Episode 12 – INDUSTRIOUS KITCHENS (Miranda & Herman’s Kitchen Facelift)

Miranda is closing down her popular neighbourhood roti shop and moving production into her home kitchen. Her husband Herman wants his wife to have only the best, especially since she is plagued by constant back pain from standing on her feet all day. But money is tight when Candice updates their outdated “country style” kitchen, bringing in more storage, better surfaces and state of art appliances to accommodate both home cooking and a home based business. The finished kitchen is a wonder of ingenuity and colour, a place where Miranda and Herman’s West Indian friends can kick back and relax, and where Miranda can grow her home based business.

Episode 13 – ADVENTURES IN DINING (Nadia & Paul’s Dining Room)

Unlike most homeowners whose dining room remains unused and unloved, Nadia and Paul eat every meal in this room despite the fact they find the chairs uncomfortable and the room cold and unwelcoming. Candice transforms this Spartan and utilitarian space by building on the room’s great features which include a fireplace and bay window and creates a majestic plush room that is perfect for family and friends alike.