Buyers Bootcamp

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Scott McGillivray is taking his passion for real estate investing to a whole new level in BUYERS BOOTCAMP!

With years of real estate and home renovation experience under his tool belt, Scott knows a thing or two about flipping properties for profit. And now he’s lending a helping hand to rookie investors by showing them how it’s done.

Here’s the deal: Two amateur investors pitch Scott their property and he picks the one he thinks is the best opportunity. Scott puts up HIS OWN CASH to pay for the renovation and then teaches these rookies everything he knows about how to renovate to maximize value. Along with his new partners, Scott will have to work night and day to get this flip completed on time and on budget. If they succeed they split the profits, and if they fail, they fail together.

Will they sell their newly renovated property for a profit? For both Scott and his new partners, never have the risks been so high, and the potential rewards so sweet.