Building Dream Homes

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Building Dream Homes follows some of the UK’s leading architects,  in groundbreaking design. We follow them as they battle with builders, blueprints and the clients who hire them all in the name of making the properties we dream of become, a reality.

Episode 1

Marianne and John embark on building the house they’ve spent years planning, however, the reality of the scale of the project starts to hit home.

Episode 2

In Winchester, architects Laurence Bowen and Paul Robinson are working with a family who bought a small house in their dream location. 

Episode 3

In Berkhamsted, a family spots potential in an unloved 80s house. They plan a total home renovation, inside and out. But the architect has to step in when it looks like their dreams will be dashed by the planners.

Episode 4

In Wales, the building is finally watertight and owner Marianne is back on site after months of illness to inspect. But will she like what she finds when she gets there?

Episode 5

The race is on to complete Marianne and John’s amazing upside-down house. The kitchen goes in, the finishing touches are added. 

Episode 6

Architects Paul Robinson and Laurence Bowen tackle a project they’re never tried before – a state-of-the-art, factory-built house. 

Episode 7

The architects push ahead with building their pioneering factory-built house. But will one of the worst winter storms to hit the south coast of England set back their plans? 

Episode 8

Architect Paul Robinson and Builder Barry Bacon make a visit to the German factory where the state-of-the-art factory home is now on the production line.

Episode 9

Dorset architects Paul and Laurence are nervously waiting for the delivery of the factory-built home from Germany. Will they be able to erect the house against the elements?

Episode 10

Architect Wendy Perring is taking on the build of a new cottage at a B&B in the majestic New Forest. She also meets a client for the first time who wants to renovate an old water tower.

Episode 11

In Stirlingshire, architect Bobby Halliday is taking on a huge development of bespoke homes on the site of an old farm steading in the shadow of Stirling castle.

Episode 12

In Stirlingshire, architect Bobby Halliday’s ambitious ten house farm steading development in the shadow of Stirling Castle continues through the depths of winter.

Episode 13

Architects Christopher Dinnis and Carolyn Whiteford work with a family to gain planning permission to convert an old silversmith’s in the heart of a conservation village into a family home.

Episode 14

In Scotland, architect David Blaikie grapples with a modern extension that will double the size of an old railway station, making it a dream home for a young family.

Episode 15

In Scotland, architect David Blaikie forges ahead with the modern extension that will double the size of a young family’s historic home.