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The Home Channel and DIY giant BUILDERS bring you innovative DIY projects and gardening advice suitable for young and old.

DIY Expert Andrew Donkin is armed with exciting decorative DIY’s, while Tanya Visser brings expert year-round gardening advice and tips to viewers.

Concrete Door Stop

With the versatility of cement – creativity knows no end. This DIY shows how cement can be used to create a decorative concrete door stop to fit any home…

Lawns, Weeds and Feeding

Every gardener should know how to maintain a beautifully green, weed free lawn throughout the year! In this insert Tanya Visser. Shows how to care for and maintain lawns, get rid of unsightly weeds and different ways of feeding potted plants!

Rope Pendant Light:

If you are looking for an eye catching light that invites a nautical theme into your home, be sure to try this rope pendant light DIY.

Copper Garden Torch:

If you love spending time outdoors then this copper garden torch DIY is for you. Not only does it create great ambience in the garden but also keeps mosquitoes at bay if you use citronella oil!

Prune, Mulch and Planting:

A few things that every gardener should know is how to prune, how to mulch and how to plant correctly.
Tanya Visser shows you how to be the best gardener you can be!

Concrete Pendant Lamp:

If you are looking for a feature pendant light, concrete is the way to go! Andrew Donkin shows you how to create a simple yet effective concrete pendant light!