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Following the success of building two custom homes in Season One, Bryan is expanding the construction arm of his business to tackle even more projects! This season on Bryan Inc., Bryan and Sarah brave the tumultuous world of residential renovations for clients. This is a new challenge for Sarah as she continues to juggle the demands of family and work life, while taking on even greater responsibilities.

This season will be jam-packed, juggling multiple builds simultaneously, which will infuse a whole new energy into the show’s pace. This time around, the Baeumlers are not focused on one or two builds for themselves, but rather six BIG and BOLD residential jobs. While meeting the ever-changing demands and deadlines of their new roster of clients, they must also deal with as the demands of their busy family.

On the slate of projects is a complete overhaul of a young couple’s main floor. Having just gotten the keys to their first house, they get a rude awakening about reno costs and what can lurk behind the walls of an old house!

Bryan and Sarah also take on a much-needed basement renovation for a growing family. The practical wife wants to keep the budget within reason, while the husband convinces Sarah to help to create a lushy backyard oasis on the side.

We could also see recent empty-nesters enlist Bryan and Sarah’s help to create their dream master suite, complete with a spa-like bathroom, palatial walk-in closet and balcony. Or a couple that need to build an in-law suite for their retired parents. The family has distinct design ideas and their outside-the-box wish list is going to shake Sarah’s marble and “greige” palette to the core!

The mix of renos and homeowners is diverse. Dealing with the demands and anxieties of clients who are footing the bill is going to be a new trial for Sarah, who has to get used to that old adage, the customer is always right!

In the midst of the residential jobs, the Baeumlers also take on some small passion projects. They surprise Bryan’s parents with a much-needed new sunroom and build a barn for their neighbours. Q, Charlotte, Lincoln and Jojo can’t help but get involved…building is in their blood, after all!

Season Two of Bryan Inc. will see Bryan and Sarah battle it out over their differing renovation visions with their signature banter that fans love. And they always carve out time with the kids, because while construction is the Baeumler’s business, family comes

26 July – 01 Aug: Episode 9

Promises, Promises

Sarah makes a promise that Bryan’s not sure they can deliver on. A sudden cold snap wreaks havoc on a site.

Episode 10 – Away Game

The Baeumler’s start a unique project. Bryan and Sarah troubleshoot an issue when a client goes out of town.

Episode 11 – What’s the Stitch

Bryan and Sarah wrap up a large renovation. Sarah brings a special helper to site.

Episode 12 – Take Cover

Winter weather costs a project time and money. Bryan and Sarah complete a home gym and basement for a young family.

Episode 13 – Satisfaction Guaranteed

As the final deadline looms for their largest project, Bryan and Sarah face the impact of construction delays. The Baeumlers reflect on working with clients together.