Peter and Annalien build a book shelf with a difference, this time they add a decorative façade that is cut out of ply wood and then stained with a dark varnish. Be inspired to build a version of your very own by following the easy steps.

You will need:

Tools  Materials
iron 16mm melamine board (we have already
PST 18 JigSaw Sides 1000 x 300mm – 2 pieces
spray gun Shelves, and top  668 x 300 – 4 pieces
PSR 1800 Cordless drill Bottom 300 x 700 mm – 1 piece
PSM 18 Cordless Sander 18mm ply wood (we have already
PEX Sander façade 1200 x 1000mm – 1 piece
PKS circular saw plus guide 3mm masonite (we have already)
  1200 x 700 mm – 1 piece
  plastic end caps to cover screws
  edging  pre-glued  to match melamine boards (8 mtrs)
  3 x 30 mm screws
  wood glue
  legs +/- 150mm x 4
  dark varnish 1 ltr
  cleats 20x20mm (as far as I know we have)

Steps for building your bookshelf

Book shelf

  1. Cut all the shelves to size according to the cutting list
  2. Cut the two sides to size
  3. Edge all the relevant edges with heat activated self adhesive edging
  4. Cut off excess edging with a carpet knife
  5. Mark off where sides join the shelves as well as the top and  bottoms
  6. Assemble all parts together


  1. Place the built shelf onto the ply wood
  2. Measure out the size according to the shelf (include the feet)
  3. Draw out a shape on the ply wood around and inside the shelf
  4. Cut out shape with a jigsaw
  5. Router the edges of the shape that you just cut out
  6. Stain and varnish the shape
  7. Attach the façade to the shelf with cleats
  8. Close holes with plastic end caps.
  9. Attach feet

Get the plan

Book shelf plans