Blackboard Spice Rack

In this week’s episode of Get It Done, Peter and Annalien build a blackboard spice rack using an old window frame.

You will need:



PCM Compound Mitre saw Wooden window frame
12 volt Cordless Drill driver Meranti plankls
18 volt cordless drill driver 12mm dowel – 1500mm – 1 piece
PEX Eccentric sander Meranti qtr round 10mm – 600 mm – 2 pieces
PRR Roller Sander Meranti qtr round 10mm – 1500 mm – 2 pieces
Paint Roller sponge type +/- 70mm 3mm Masonite 1500mm x 550mm – 1 piece
Black board paint 1 ltr
Keyhole hangers (or similar) to hang heavy item – 2 pieces
Crocodile hangers to hang heavy items – 2 pieces
  screws 4 x 25mm
  screws 4 x 40mm
  Teak oil
Sponge paint roller +/- 70mm – 1 piece

Follow these steps:

  • Make the blackboard (should be made ahead of time)
  • Clean and sand window frame
  • Cut top shelf to size and router
  • Attach top shelf to frame
  • Cut bottom shelf to size
  • Cut side and middle brackets
  • Drill holes for dowel stick
  • Cut dowel stick to size
  • Attach brackets and dowel stick
  • Cut Black board to size
  • Insert into frame
  • Cut qtr. round to size and attach into frame
  • Oil frame
  • Attach hangers

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