Biltong Dryer

This is what you’ll need

Material List: Tools:
Meranti 20 mm Jig saw
600mm  x 400mm – 2 pieces  Cordless drill drivers
600 mm x 368mm – 1 piece PDB 40 Drill press
400mm x 400mm – 2 pieces Router
40 mm x 500 mm – 4 pieces 3mm straight cutter – router bit
Clear Perspex 3mm – 370 x 585 mm Angle Grinder with multi construction discs (skinny ones)
Small fan (computer type – 220volt) x 1  
Aluminium rods 8-10mm 500mm x 4  
plastic end caps x 8 to fit rods  
wood glue  
4 x 40mm screws  
non toxic oil  

Biltong Dryer


  1. Mark out where sides, back and bottom join
  2. Router out groove for Perspex on the side and bottom
  3. Drill holes for aluminium rods in sides
  4. Join sides, back and bottom
  5. Drill hole in lid for fan
  6. Join the top and skirting for the lid
  7. Sand and seal
  8. Slide Perspex into front
  9. Cut rods to size and install