Biltong Cutter


Material List:

Material list

Power tools

20mm hard wood (any kind is ok)

PSR 14.4 VLI cordless drill

130mm x 330mm – 1 pieces

PST 18 volt jig saw

60mm x 300mm – 2 pieces

PSR 10.8 volt cordless drill driver

80mm x 100mm – 1 piece

PSM 10.8 volt sander

1 planer blade

Router (we can decide Dremel or Bosch)

8 x 100mm bolt – 1 of


10 x 40mm bolt – 2 of


8 x 25mm flat washers – 4 of


10 mm flat washers 4 of


10mm nut (closed chrome dome type)


8mm nut (as above)


non toxic oil (check what Builders has)


Here are the steps

  1. Draw out shapes for the handle and sides
  2. Cut out handles and sides
  3. Cut out base
  4. Cut out chopping block
  5. Drill holes where handle fits to sides
  6. Assemble handle to sides.
  7. Attach sides to base
  8. Fit chopping block to base
  9. Apply oil to all wooden parts
  10. Attach blade to handle