Bedside Table

Peter and Annalien decide to make a matching a bedside table from one that is rather old, see how Peter overcomes certain challenges attached to this. Peter also builds a picture frame without having to cut 4 pieces of wood at 45 degrees. See how he does it! Annalien makes a door stop in the shape of a bird. Be inspired by Get it Done!     

You will need:

Tools Materials
POF 1400 Router Pine 20mm (PAR)
PST 18 Jig saw Side 400 mm x 620 mm – 2 pieces (grain in direction of long pieces)
PSR 1800 Cordless drill Front upper and lower cross beams – 345 mm x 40mm – 4 pieces 
Spray gun Door 535 mm x 342 mm (grain in direction of long side)
Pex 220 sander Feet 100 x 100 mm – 16 pieces
Primo Sander 20mm cleats (we should still have)
PTK 14 Tacker 6mm ply wood
PMR 1 Router Top and bottom 400 x 385 – 2 pieces (grain in direction of short side)
  side inserts 560 mm x 360mm (grain in direction of long side)
  Back insert 620 mm x 400 mm – 1 pieces (grain in direction of long side)
  Door 535 mm x 342 mm (grain in direction of long side)
  9mm ply wood
  Shelf 385 mm x 400 mm
  4 x 40mm screws
  wood glue
  Clear varnish
  Teabag stain 
  flush Hinges (+/- 50mm long) NB must fir on 20mm pine
  Cupboard Door handle
  Cupboard lock with cover plate to match handle
  Magnet type door clip

Follow these steps:

This bedside table will have two sides (left and right) made out of solid wood but rectangles will be cut out of each and replaced with plywood as inserts. The same procedure will be followed with the door… 

  • Cut out shape in sides and router edges.
  • Join sides with cross slats in the front and back in order to make a frame
  • Insert “insert” boards.
  • Attach bottom and top. Which will be plywood
  • Fit shelf inside with cleats.
  • Make feet by cutting and stacking squares of pine together and attach from inside
  • Cut shape in the door and router edges
  • Drill holes for handle and lock
  • Stain and varnish
  • Assemble door, lock and handle.

Download the plans/layout:

Bed side table plan

Take a close look:

bedsidetableweb1 bedsidetableweb2