Bed Side Table

In this week’s episode of Get It Done, Peter and Annalien show you how to build a bedside table with a Scandinavian inspired design.


18 volt Cordless drill driver 16mm Laminate Africa Wenge (Edging thin 1mm type – colour to match)  
10.8 volt cordless drill driver frame Tops and bottoms  468mm x 400mm

6 pieces – grain in long direction. Edged on two long sides

Palm router plus 3mm  straight bit Frame sides 200 mm x 400mm

4 pieces grain in long direction, edged all four sides

Frame sides 130mm x 400mm

2 pieces grain in long direction, edged all four sides

Plywood 16mm
drawer fronts 166mm x 466mm – 2 pieces
drawer fronts 96mm x 466mm –  1 pieces
Plywood 9mm
  Drawer sides 160mm x 370mm – 4 pieces
  Drawer sides 90mm x 370mm – 2 pieces
  Drawer back 160mm x 448mm
  Drawer back 90mm x 448mm
  Masonite 3mm
drawer bottoms 370mm x 466mm – 3 pieces
Handles x 3 – modern brushed silver type
modern metal legs x 4 pieces +/- 150mm
3.5 x 30mm chipboard screws – Pozi head
screw caps black or dark brown to match wood
Wood glue
3 x different colour paints to paint door fronts
Clear varnish spray paint – 1 tin
Plastic brackets



Build frames

  1. Mark out and drill pilot holes
  2. Router groove for back board
  3. Cut Masonite back board to size
  4. Join sides onto top and bottom frames
  5. Attach frames to each other
  6. Attach legs

Make drawers

  1. Router grooves for base to fit in.
  2. Cut Masonite base to sixe
  3. Assemble sides, back and base.
  4. Attach front
  5. Sand and paint the front
  6. Spray the rest of the draw
  7. Insert drawers into frames

PDF Plan download

Click here to download the pdf plan for this project