Beaded Jewellery

This week Gloria is joined by Rosely Peixoto of Rosely Bijoux and she show us how to make beautiful jewellery pieces to help your jewellery closet to stay on trend. She will be showing us how to use different materials such as fabric, beads, leather and so much more!

Fabric Beaded Necklace

By Rosely Peixoto

Rosely Molinari Bijoux


  • Flat and long nosed pliers
  • Long thin wooden stick
  • Measuring tape & scissors
  • Super glue
  • Bead board
  • Head pins
  • Spring clamps
  • Clasp of your choice
  • Charm of your choice
  • Needle & Nylon or polyester thread
  • A pair of ends
  • Two strong rings or four spacers of    your choice
  • 0.35 cm of gold of silver plated chain
  • A piece of material (viscose or chiffon) that is 0.7 cm in width and 0.30 cm
  • 7 beads size 1.9mm cabochon


  • Step 1:Select the fabric you would like to use and measure and cut it to 0.7 cm and a length of 0.30cm.
  • Step 2:Choose the beads you would like to use and start placing them on the bead board. Including the carbochan ones.
  • Step 3:Measure the bead (cabochon) to mark where on the fabric you will need to sew. Remember to keep it tight.
  • Step 4:Apply the head pins to where you will need to back stitch the fabric. Sew the material following the head pins.
  • Step 5:Knot one of the ends and start the setting of the cabochon beads one by one, adding the spacers tightly in between each bead (if its loose the spacers won’t work very well.)
  • Step 6:Knot the other end of the material once all seven beads and all six spacers have passed through.
  • Step 7:Glue (superglue) end cords to each end of the piece you made. The approximate drying time would be between 3-5 minutes
  • Step 8:If you use super power epoxy the drying time would be approximately 15 minutes. When it’s dry connect rings, clasp and chain. Your necklace is ready to be worn.

Grey Beaded Bracelet


  • Flatnosed pliers
  • Needle & 2,5m polyester thread
  • Bottle of see-through nail polish
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors
  • Extra strong epoxy glue
  • 7 butterfly charms
  • 1 Heart-shaped clasp
  • 11 tiny crystals
  • 13 crystal beads
  • 2 wire guardians
  • 66 grey beads
  • 18 silver tubes
  • 6 silver word spaces


  • Step 1:Decide on the pattern you would like your necklace to follow and start placing the beads down on the bead board.
  • Step 2:Glue the tiny crystals onto the heart clasp. You can also add the charm onto the clasp using two pairs of flat nosed pliers. Leave your clasp to dry and continue with the rest of your bracelet for now.
  • Step 3:How to begin threading
    • Pass the two ends of the 2.5 meter polyester thread through the loops of the wire guardian. Attach the bar clasp to the wire guardian. Keep the ends of threads the same length and pull it through the needle. Pass the needle and thread through the beads and charms. Continue this process until all the beads and charms are on the string.
  • Step 4:Ending off your bracelet
    • Take the needle off the thread and pass the thread through the loops of the second wire guardian.
  • Step 5:Attach your clasp and heart to the wire guardian. Pull the polyester thread through the needle again.
  • Step 6:To finalize the project, run the needle and thread back through the last six beads and after each bead tie a knot.
  • Step 7:After the sixth knot, part the sixth bead and apply the clear nail polish to the last knot.
  • Step 8:Allow the nail polish to dry, approximately 2 minutes. Now cut the end of the thread closest to the knot you applied nail polish to that. Your bracelet is now complete and ready to be worn.