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Bat Box

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By encouraging bats into your garden can reduce irritating pests such as mosquitoes. Peter and Annalien learn from an expert on how to build a bat box. So if you would like to encourage these nocturnal friends into your garden, then watch the team gives you a step by step guide on how you can build your very own bat box.   

You will need:

Tools Materials
Jigsaw 18mm Ply wood (I don’t think there will be enough left after the wall hanger, you might need to buy some)
Router Back board – 610 x 673 mm – 2 pieces
PEX 300 sander (New one) Top spacer – 45 x 610 mm – 2 pieces
PSR 18 cordless drill driver Side spacers – 45 x 508 mm – 4 pieces
PSR 1080 Cordless drill driver (New one) Lower front – 127 x 610 mm – 2 pieces
PFS 3000 Spray gun (new gun) Upper front – 419 x 610mm – 2 pieces
Circular saw plus rail Roof 610 x 300 mm – 2 pieces
Drill press Pine Wooden curtain rod – 3mtr (20-30mm dowel stick can also work if its long enough)
PTK 3.6 stapler plus staples Plastic garden mesh with big squares 610 x 673 mm – 2 pieces (get one piece big enough and we can always cut on set)  
  4 x 30mm screws
  water proof glue
  nail in anchors 8 x 100/120mm
  Clear silicone
  Caulking gun
  Clear varnish

Steps to build your bat-box

  1. Draw out and cut 45 deg angles in top of back and front boards as well as the spacers (we might be able to cut it all in one once assembled) will check it out on the day.
  2. Attach spacers to the backing board
  3. Fasten Wire mesh to the backing
  4. Attach front upper and lower boards
  5. Cut out two slats for the pole to fit through
  6. Drill holes for the pole.
  7. Attach roof
  8. Attach pole slats
  9. Varnish
  10. Seal all exterior joints with silicone
  11. Fit the pole

Building Plans

 Bat house plans