Barrel Chair

Authentic barrel-look furniture can be expensive and hard to come by, but Peter and Annalien show you how to create a unique barrel-look chair perfect for the patio or garden.

You will need:

Tools Materials
PCM 1800 SD Compound mitre saw 20mm Pine PAR
PST 18 Jigsaw Circle Sides 600 mm x 600mm – 4 pieces
PSR 18 Cordless drill Seat back slats 70mm x 550 mm – 11 pieces
PEX 220 sander Seat bottom slats 70 mm x 400mm – 11 pieces
PFS 5000 spray Barrel slats bottom (plus arm chair slats) 70mm x 1100mm – 20 pieces
  Back and chair supports 70mm x 800 mm – 4 pieces
  Pine PAR 50 x 70mm
  Side supports 500 mm – 2 pieces
  Feet 600mm – 2 pieces
  Hoop iron with holes
  2mtr – 5 pieces
  Wood glue
  Varnish – white wash look
  4 x 30 mm screws
  4 x 40mm screws
  4 x 20mm screws

Follow these steps:

  • Cut circle sides
  • Join two inner sides together with support slats (bottom and back)
  • Attach seat slats
  • Attach back slats and cut shape
  • Router edges
  • Router before attaching
  • Fasten outer circles to the inner circles
  • Attach feet (this step might move to later)
  • Attach outer slats
  • Cut arm slats to size and attach to circles
  • Sand and varnish
  • Cut hoop iron to size and screw onto sides

Take a closer look:


Download the layout plans:

>>Barrel chair pdf layout