Bar Cabinet

This week Peter and Annalien are in entertainment mode so they decide to build a hanging Bar Cabinet out of a laminated Meranti wood. See how they build it step by step so that you may be inspired to build your very own!   

You will need:

Tools Materials
POF 1400 Router Meranti 20mm PAR
PST 18 Jig saw Top and bottom 870 mm x 190 mm – 2 pieces
PSR 1800 Cordless drill left, right and middle upright slats 750 mm x 190mm – 3 pieces
Spray gun Shelves 425 mm x 190mm – 4 pieces
Pex 220 sander drawer front and back 382 mm x 120 mm – 2 pieces
Primo Sander Drawer bottom 422 mm x 188mm – 1 piece 
PTK 14 Tacker Drawer sides 120mm x 188mm – 2 pieces
PMR 1 Router Back support slats 50 mm x 910 mm – 2 piece
PCM 1800 Compound Mitre Saw side inserts 560 mm x 360mm (grain in direction of long side)
Heat Gun Wine rack front and back 350mm x 910 mm – 2 pieces
Dremel versaflame Wine rack top and inside slate 150mm x 910 mm – 2 pieces
  Wine rack slats 50mm x 1200 mm – 4  pieces 
  4mm masonite 910 x 1200mm – 1 piece.  
  Copper pipe 16mm – 1x 6mtr length cut to 1 mtr lengths ( x 6)
  16mm copper elbows x 40
  16mm copper end stops x 10
  2 hole copper clamp/strap – 8 (to fasten copper pipe on the wall)
  3-4mm mirrors (annealed on all edges)
  423 mm x 343 mm – 2 pieces (hole drilled on 1 on top left corner, 1 drilled bottom left corner) 423 mm is top edge
  423 mm x 147 mm – 1 piece (hole drilled on top right corner) 423 mm is top edge 
  423 mm x 173 mm – 1 piece
  423mm x 197mm – 1 piece
  Mirror hanging screw set x 4 screws 
  3.5 x 30mm screws
  Double sided tape (1 roll for above mirrors)
  wood glue
  Red teak oil

Follow these steps:

  • With your wood cut to size you can start marking and measuring
  • Mark out for pilot holes where sides, top and bottom fit together
  • Mark out and drill holes for copper pipes
  • Assemble frame (sides, top and bottom.)
  • Cut copper pipes to size
  • Assemble shelves and copper pipes into frame
  • Assemble drawer sides and bottom.
  • Cut out handle on drawer front using a jig saw.
  • Assemble front and back to bottom and sides.
  • Wine rack (fits to the bottom of the shelving unit
  • Draw out shape on paper and cut out front and back panel,
  • Assemble front, back and top.
  • Attach cross slats
  • Fit support slats
  • Attach to shelf above
  • Draw and cut backing board to size and attach
  • Sand and oil.
  • Attach mirrors to backing board

Download the plans/layout:

Bar cabinet layout/plan

Take a close look: