Baked Pesto and Parmesan Oysters

Baked Pesto and Parmesan Oysters with Fennel salad


  • Fresh Oysters (15 – 20)
  • Parmesan Cheese (grated)
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Basil Pesto
  • Salad Leaves (for garnish)
  • Fresh Fennel
  • Fresh Basil


  1. Wash and clean the oysters properly (this can be done by your fishmonger)
  2. Shuck the oysters to make sure they are loose from the shell and will be easy to eat
  3. Spread about 1 tsp pesto over each oyster
  4. Add some breadcrumbs onto the pesto in the oyster shell
  5. Top this with some grated parmesan cheese
  6. Drizzle with a small amount of olive oil
  7. Grill under a red hot grill for 1 – 3 minutes until the cheese starts bubbling and browning
  8. Allow oysters to cool slightly before arranging on a bed of lettuce
  9. As an accompaniment, thinly slice young fennel bulbs and dress with olive oil, lemon juice, grated lemon zest, salt and pepper