Babies changing station

Building your own dining room table should not be a daunting task. Peter and Annalien shows you how to build a beautiful dining room table, with the option of a unique paint finish.

You will need:

Bosch Tools Material list
PCM 7 Compound Mitre saw 14mm ply wood (if 14 not available then 12mm) NB must be good quality)
PST 18 Jigsaw Backing 660 mm x 820mm – 1 piece (grain in long direction)
PSR 18 Cordless Changing table 660 x 860 – 1 piece (grain in long direction)
PEX 220 sander Pine 20mm PAR 
PFS 2000 Spray gun Top and bottom 200 x 820mm – 2 pieces
Palm router Sides 200 x 696 mm – 2 pieces
  Middle shelf 180 x 820 – 1 piece
  Top shelf 120 x 820mm – 1 piece
  dividers 180 x 220 mm – 3 pieces (grain in long direction)
  Changing table sides 115 x 696 mm- 2 pieces
  changing table top and bottom slats 50 x 860mm – 2 pieces

Follow these steps

  1. Backing board
    1. Mark off pilot holes for Sides and shelves
    2. Draw and mark off where shelves and dividers join
    3. Assemble sides, top and bottom
    4. Attach inserts and dividers
  2. Changing table
    1. Mark off shape in sides and cut out
    2. Mark and drill pilot holes
    3. Assemble sides and back
    4. Sand and paint/varnish
    5. Attach hinge
    6. Attach cup hooks
    7. Cut chain to size.

Download the design plan

>>Babies changing station plans pdf