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Episode 1 – PETERSHAM

This week the Auction Squad meets their one day challenge of turning eyesore into an auction day drawcard. An inner city garden gets a new lease on life in their pre auction, budget renovation. The inside team gives two bedrooms a budget revamp then ventures outside to turn an ordinary patio into an entertainment area. Will the Auction Squad’s efforts make a difference?  Find out as the home faces the public on auction day.  (themes: an unused backyard becomes a suburban feature in this inner city makeover, a nondescript patio becomes an outdoor entertaining area, inside we repair and rebuild to transform 2 bedrooms and add subtle colours and hopefully lots of dollars to the sale of the home)

Episode 2 – BALWYN

The Auction Squad faces their oneday challenge of turning a large suburban yard into an auction day feature. The home owners friends have tried to repair the driveway without success. Can the expertise of the Auction Squad, led by Johanna Griggs, transform a muddy mess? Can the inside team of Patrick Thompson and Candy Day give the kitchen and lounge the vital changes needed to fetch top dollar at auction. All the changes are made for less than ten thousand dollars and all done in a 12 hour day. Follow the home to auction and pick up plenty of tips along the way. Will it sell? (themes: making the interior warmer and more inviting, small changes that have big impact in a kitchen, budget makeover of a large driveway and making a front yard  the showpiece of the street)

Episode 3 – FIVE DOCK

A federation investment property looks the worse for wear, and the Auction Squad faces a massive oneday challenge. With the tenants gone it’s time to get the old home shipshape for the worried owners. Led by host Johanna Griggs, the Squad does a major demolition and rebuild job converting an unused laundry into a federation verandah. Out the front Will creates a symmetrical Federation garden. All the changes are made for less than ten thousand dollars and all done in a 12 hour day. There’s a huge turnout at the auction  but will it sell?

Episode 4 – COLLAROY

A family makes the emotional decision of selling their seaside home. Can the Auction Squad fetch them top dollar with a oneday renovation? Led by host Johanna Griggs, the Auction Squad opens the home up literally to revamp the old kitchen and living rooms. Out the front, first impressions count so Will, Luke and Jason find a clever solution for a neglected garden. But will the buyers be impressed? Find out as the home goes to auction, and pick up plenty of tips to improve your home, along the way.


A busy professional couple don’t know where to start to get their Californian bungalow home ready for auction. There’s only one team in town who can put things right. Led by Johanna Griggs, Auction Squad gives the home a much needed preauction makeover all done for less than$10,000 in a 12 hour day. Will becomes a lumberjack then ships in a truckload of tropical plants. A damaged pathway gets a tidy replacement. Inside Candy and Patrick make clever changes to the heart of the home streamlining the kitchen and living areas for auction day. But will the buyers like what they see? Watch the home go to auction and pick up plenty of tips and advice along the way.

Episode 6 – KENSINGTON

A home that once faced a busy freeway gets a major change. With the traffic gone it’s time to restore the property to its former glory. Led by host Johanna Griggs the Auction Squad gives the home a much needed oneday renovation inside and out. A grand old hallway is brought back to life. The lounge and kitchen are given focus and style. Outside the team tackles a dark front yard, improving the street presentation even the nature strip gets a revamp. Will the Auction Squad’s efforts payoff? It seems the auction day crowd could be a hard group to please.

Episode 7 – EPPING

A family that bought their home at auction now want to sell at auction. Can they get more than they paid? Led by host Johanna Griggs, the Auction Squad turns an uninspiring property into the envy of the street. Will clears out a select few plants and introduces much needed colour and shape into the small front yard. Jason gets into some stone masonry after surviving Will’s cull. The outside and inside team join forces when Patrick and Luke reconstruct the back verandah. Candy revamps two rooms into very saleable boy and girl’s bedrooms. It seems the buyers like what they see but how much are they prepared to pay? Follow the home to auction and pick up plenty of tips on improving your home.

Episode 8 – NORTHCOTE

The Auction Squad faces a chilly start on their one day challenge to give a home a preauction makeover. The inside team focus on highlighting the cottagefeel of the property. First Pat and Candy need to demolish a strange arch impeding the living area but it may prove impossible. Host Johanna Griggs ensures that a small bathroom makes a big impact, while the outside team creates an impressive native garden out the front. Will, and the team, truckin a smorgesbord of native grasses for an amazing garden transformation. Auction Day attracts a big crowd but will the home attract big dollars? Will the changes made by the Squad make a difference to a couple and their son, keen to sell?


In this episode of Auction Squad, the team of expert builders, designers, landscapers and renovators will weave their magic on the home of Cherie and Tony Elias. With the arrival of their baby, Cherie and Tony feel like they have outgrown the house. They had grand plans of finishing the painting, re lay the kitchen flooring and the work on the paving out the back. They know their place could do with a good preauction spruce up, but they just ran out of time.  Will the Action Squad team complete a makeover in a 12hour day for this growing family?  JOHANNA GRIGGS with the help of the Auction Squad team, consisting of PATRICK THOMPSON (builder), CANDY DAY (designer and renovator), WILL DANGAR, (landscape designer), LUKE DYER (carpenter) and JASON HODGES (landscaper) get to work on maximising the potential of a home with a budget of $10,000 and all done in a 12hour day.

Episode 10 – KAREELA, SYDNEY

In this episode of Auction Squad, the team of expert builders, designers, landscapers and renovators will weave their magic on the home of Harry and Tiffany. When Harry and Tiffany got married they searched for months for their dream home and they thought they found it.  Five years later they have saved for a bigger home and are now keen to move on.   The team gets to work and needs to lift the garden which is featureless. The house also has dark walls so the garden needs a bit of colour.   It is an unusual house, so Will decides to create an unusual garden, using foliage.  The driveway also needs work, so Jason gets onto that.  The carpet is replaced in the main bedroom, which will give perspective buyers an idea of what they can achieve in the other rooms.  To brighten up one of the bedrooms, Johanna simply places a bright doona cover on the bed.  It has been a miracle makeover, but will Harry and Tiffany like the changes and more importantly will the potential buyers?

Episode 11 – Cremorne, Sydney

In this episode of Auction Squad, the team of expert builders, designers, landscapers and renovators will weave their magic on the home of Adriana Villar. Adriana and her husband bought the house a year ago but shortly after they moved in, they separated.  As Adriana has no real emotional ties to the home, she has decided to move elsewhere so that her and her new baby (she is pregnant) can make a fresh start. Her baby is due on auction day!   To maximize the return of the sale of their home the Auction Squad team decides to give the garden a real lift.  The backyard is the least attractive feature of the home. There is no where to sit and nothing to look at. Will decides that it needs to be reengineered to make it a garden you would use and entertain in.  The exterior team get to work on building a retaining wall along edge of the existing paving and add some screen trees for more privacy.   The Auction Squad team have certainly done an amazing job in just 12 hours.  The Auction Squad team’s makeover has certainly lifted the property’s chances at auction. 

Episode 12 – West Pennant Hills

Brian and Christine Buist have a lot more on their mind than just selling a house, which they bought only 18 months prior to their decision to move on. A decision that was based around Brian’s health, which has taken a turn for the worse.  Christine can’t manage the house and large garden on her own, so she and her son Nick are looking for a smaller property, so that they can concentrate on Brian’s health. To maximize the return of the sale of their home the Auction Squad team decides to give the garden a real lift. The Buist family home simply does not welcome buyers in. Its overgrown dark garden gives the impression there is very little space. Will decides that the garden needs to be tidied up and rips up the existing grass and replaces it.  The problems outside mirror the problems inside. The house feels cramped and cluttered. This is due to the placement of the furniture, so that the rooms feel so much smaller than they actually are.  Christine is thrilled with the transformation, but will it go beyond this new estimate at auction time?  It certainly does… and even over the new estimate but you will just have to watch.

Episode 13 – KIRRIBILLI

How much work does a house need to get it up to scratch for Auction?  In this episode, the Auction Squad team led by Joanna Griggs try to maximise the sale price for this house that once belonged to Michael’s parents.  The deceased estate needs a major renovation particularly the front garden and driveway.  Inside the team turn a small pokey family room by removing the windows and installing bifold doors, to open up the back of the house.  The interior walls get a new coat of paint to brighten up the drab interior.  The team have just a 12 hour day to transform the old house ready for Auction.  Will the renovation pay off and reach the AUD$1,000,000 mark?