Art Nouveau Wedding Cake

by Dawn Kloke
Incredible Crafts


  • 25cm chocolate sponge cake* (*cake recipes available on request)
  • 20cm white sponge cake*
  • 15cm chocolate sponge cake*
  • 2.2kg chocolate colour sugar paste/fondant
  • 1.3kg ivory colour sugar paste/fondant
  • 450g modeling paste
  • 16” and 13” thick cake boards
  • 8” and 6” thin cake boards
  • 6 sosatie sticks or thin dowel rods
  • Art Nouveau Cutter by Patchwork Cutters
  • Pin or tooth pick
  • Paint brush
  • Small bowl of water
  • 2.5 metres of brown 15mm satin ribbon


  1. Cover each cake with sugar paste/fondant
  2. Place the large cake on the cake board. Place each of the smaller cakes on a thin board the same size as the cake. The sugar paste will cover the cake and the edge of the thin boards so they will not be seen
  3. Cover the 16” cake board with chocolate sugar paste/fondant
  4. Cover the 13” board with a strip of ivory sugar paste/fondant
  5. Smooth over the join and trim to neaten
  6. Place this onto the centre of the iced 16” board
  7. Whilst the cake covering is still soft insert the 3 dowel rods/sosatie sticks into the large cake
  8. Mark at the level of the top of the cake
  9. Remove and cut the dowel rod or sosatie stick to the correct height
  10. Cut the 2nd and 3rd supports to the same height using the first as a guide
  11. Insert all three supports into the large cake
  12. Each one should be exactly the same height and not protrude above the cake level
  13. Repeat on the middle tier
  14. Soften a little sugar paste/fondant with a little water, spread onto the centre of the bottom tier
    and place the middle tier on top and place the top tier into position

Art Nouveau Design

  1. On a lightly greased non-stick board roll out brown coloured modeling paste
  2. Grease the cutter well
  3. Place onto the paste and press firmly
  4. Remove the paste from around the cut pieces and using a cocktail stick lift the small unwanted pieces from the art nouveau shapes
  5. Moisten the back of each piece with water before placing onto the top tier
  6. Continue around and down the cakes 7. Each piece must touch the piece next to it to form a continuous pattern