All for One With Debbie Travis

Nowadays people think that great communities are a thing of the past – that only in the “good ole’ days” did neighbours know each others names… But Debbie Travis is on an ambitious journey to prove that community is alive and well in Canada.

Episode 1

In this debut episode Debbie must convince Montreal’s Italian community to come together to complete a massive renovation in only five days for a woman who is the heart of their community. Up against World Cup and some very opinionated volunteers, Debbie will need more help then even the nuns can provide.

Episode 2

North Preston, Nova Scotia, home to the oldest African-Canadian population

in Canada, is known to outsiders as a town riddled with crime and poverty.  But the truth is that North Preston is a supportive, tight-knit, church-going community where neighbours help each other on a daily basis.  Debbie hopes that by the community coming together to complete a huge home renovation for a local unsung hero in only five days – others will finally see them in a different light.

Episode 3

Debbie visits the small town of Windsor, Nova Scotia to honour an unsung
hero for his commitment to the local skateboarding teens. Debbie reveals the plans for an enormous garden project but she will not be doing the work, ­ she must motivate the entire community to come together and volunteer if the garden is to be done before he gets back – in just five days.

Episode 4

Debbie arrives in Oakville, Ontario, a suburb of Toronto, where she must rally the community to complete her most ambitious home renovation to date for a local unsung hero. With only five days till the hero returns, Debbie is also determined to help out the hero’s charity, ‘Walls Of Hope’. With a team of dedicated female volunteers, Debbie sets off to find some construction workers who are willing to pose for a calendar wearing nothing but their tool belts.

Episode 5

The Muskoka region in Ontario is known as cottage country for the rich and famous. Debbie visits the town of Huntsville in the heart of the region where the population jumps from 18,000 to 60,000 in the summertime.  As the local year-round residents try to step-up to give back to their community hero who runs the struggling local soup kitchen and food bank, Debbie quickly realizes more volunteers are needed if they are going to get it done in 5 days.  She must convince the wealthy cottagers to take time from their vacations and help out and hopefully open their eyes to the very real needs of the community.

Episode 6

Debbie visits Canmore, Alberta, at the foot of the Rockies, to honour an unsung hero for his commitment to mentoring local youth in a town where the core group of volunteers is stretched thin.  Though Debbie has the materials and the plans for his massive home renovation project, she is not doing the work. The community has to step-up, pitch-in and give back to their hero….and they have only five days to do it.

Episode 7

When Debbie comes to Saint Anne de Bellevue to give a very large and impressive home renovation to an unsung hero – for all his local environmental work – she knows it will be a challenge. she has to have them re-purpose and re-use as much as possible and there is only five days before he returns.