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All About Property provides advice, insight, solutions and offerings to home buyers, sellers, investors, landlords and tenants. In this new season Cornelius is joined by his new co-host, Sylvia Milosevic. As an avid property investor herself, Sylvia brings a whole lot of passion and insight to the show. Together, Cornelius and Sylvia, continues to chat to the property experts to help you make your next property transaction so much easier. We are also introducing a new feature where we showcase different residential offerings. Buying or selling a home is probably the biggest transaction you will ever make in your life; you want to know all the facts and you want to explore all your options.

Episode 1

The real estate agent’s role; Home staging; the mindset of a successful property investor

The real estate agent plays a vital role in the successful sale of a property. We look at how the real estate agent should navigate a healthy relationship between the buyer and the seller.

We are currently in a buyer’s market. Simply put, there are more homes for sale than there are buyers. This means home sellers should be very creative in the marketing of their properties. We explore home staging and why this is such an effective marketing tool to sell a property faster and closer to the asking price.

No one can ever be successful without the right mindset. This is also true for property investors. We get advice on how to ensure that you’re not only skilled as a property investor, but also how to have a winning mindset.

Guest details for episode 1

Linda Erasmus – Fine & Country

Vanessa de Villiers – Spacenergy

Neale Petersen – Real Estate Investor Magazine

Episode 2

1st Time Tenant’s Guide; The Houghton; Land Value Capture

Many young people, who are fresh out of university or leave their parents’ home for the first time, need to look for a place to rent, preferably near the workplace. The fact is many don’t know where to start or what to do. This week we look at the first time tenant’s guide to finding that ideal rental property.

Also in this episode…

Imagine being on holiday 365 days per year. Well if you own an apartment or a penthouse at The Houghton you can. We profile the apartments and penthouses at The Houghton and we take a look at all the associated benefits like room service, laundry, resident gym, restaurant, family and adult pools, cocktail bar, to name but a few, that comes with owning an apartment at The Houghton.


The City of Johannesburg has recently introduced a new programme called Land Value Capture where they enter into agreements with developers to give the City a piece of their land for infrastructure development. This is an initiative that has proved to work very well in most first world countries. We spoke to a City’s representative to find out what this is all about.

Guest details for episode 2

Liesel Kovacs – Foundation Homes

Rene van Dyk – The Houghton Hotel

Monyake Moteane – The City of Johannesburg

Episode 3

Sales Negotiation Process; Monaghan Farm; Due diligence when buying at an auction

We chat to a property practitioner about the importance of the sales negotiation process between the home buyer and seller and how the real estate agent should ideally navigate this process.

You no longer have to decide between the amenities of living in the city and the peace and tranquillity of living in the country. When you buy a property in Monaghan Farm, just 30 minutes north of Sandton, you can have the best of both worlds. We chat to the developer to find out what this offering is all about.

And, buying a property at an auction is one thing, but understanding what due diligence to do before attending the auction is very important to ensure you know what you are buying. We chat to a property investor about all the boxes that needs to be ticked before going to the auction.

Guest details for episode 3

Linda Erasmus – Fine & Country

Prospero Bailey – Monaghan Farm

Dunisani Manganyi

Episode 4

Building Plans; Millennials and Real Estate; Property Investment Opportunities

City council approved building plans are becoming more and more important when you want to sell your home. We investigate the process of getting plans approved before you make alterations to your home. We also look at what to do if you need to get your building plans approved, after the fact.

Also in this episode…

Many South African millennials feel disgruntled by the fact that even after completing a university degree they are still not able to afford a rental apartment of their own. We take a look into why these young people feel that they are not being catered for by the real estate industry.


We explore why student accommodation and affordable housing developments are some of the best asset classes in South Africa at the moment to invest your money for high capital growth and above average rental returns.

Guest details for episode 4

Anastasia Haji-Pavlou – STBB

Moses Ramabulana – Muma Property Development and Investments

Episode 5

Different agency models; First time property investors; Your network equals your net worth

In recent years many new real estate agency models have made their appearances. There is certainly a place for each model in the market. We try to understand how sellers can establish which real estate agency model is best for the successful sale of their property.

We always hear the experts say “anyone can invest in property” and “you don’t need money to invest in property”. Well this week we put it to the test by checking in to a new property investment couple to find out how they’ve managed to do this full time in less than a year.

The experts believe that property investment is not something you do on your own. We find out how to network, and to use your network to accelerate your net worth.

Guest details for episode 5

Linda Erasmus – Fine & Country

Mamello Merabi & Dali Nyushman – Property Investors

Neale Petersen – Real Estate Investor Magazine

Episode 6

Home Maintenance; pet friendly apartments; Leverage

We chat to the legendary Albert van Wyk as he gives home maintenance tips. Albert has worked in construction for over 40 years, he has had two of his homes featured on Top Billing and he is also the author of the book, Proud Home Owner.

We visit Round About Brooklyn, a brand new pet friendly apartment building to see what is on offer, not just for the owners, but also for their pets.

We look into the power of leverage when investing in real estate. We find out what leverage is, why it helps to fast track your journey, and how any property investor can tap into the power of leverage.

Guest details for episode 6

Albert van Wyk – The Proud Home Owner

Ilma Bring – Pam Golding Properties

Dunisani Manganyi

Episode 7

Additional cost when buying; Feng Shui in your home; seller’s role when going to market

Over and above the price of the property, there are lots of additional costs that home buyers need to be aware off when they purchase a property. We find out what are these additional costs, what are the costs for, and to whom it is payable.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that has to do with the correct flow of energy in a home to bring about abundance and prosperity. We take a look into this practice and what we can do to ensure that the Feng Shui in our homes is more aligned with this energy flow, or chi as it is also referred to.

When you decide to sell your property, you as the seller also have a responsibility and a role to fulfil when it comes to the successful marketing of the property. We find out what is required from the seller to ensure his home is being marketed successfully.

Guest details for episode 7

Charlene Foster – Goliath Attorneys

Elaine Hosiassohn – Feng Shui Dynamics

Linda Erasmus – Fine & Country

Episode 8

Screening the tenant; Property investment opportunities in Mauritius; what to do if your home loan was declined

A qualified tenant is a huge part of the success of any property investment venture. And even though it is recommended that property investors allow rental agents to take over the placement and management of their tenants, we thought we’ll share some insights and advice on screening the tenant, for landlords who do prefer to deal with the tenants directly.

There are many global property investment opportunities for South Africans. This week we look at why Mauritius is the ideal destination for South Africans to grow their offshore property investment portfolios.

A declined home loan application does not have to be the end of the road for aspiring homeowners. There are many solutions like applying at a different bank or improving your credit score. We chat to the experts on what to do if your home loan application was declined.

Guest details for episode 8

Liesel Kovacs – Foundation Homes

Linda Erasmus – Fine & Country

Anna Motaung – Batho Pelo Home Loans

Episode 9

Buy-to-let insights; Home Inspections; Resell value of your home

This week on All About Property…

Once you’ve decided on a property investment strategy, it is important to establish where that strategy will work the best. This week we look at choosing the right area or suburb for your buy-to-let property investment strategy.

Imagine buying your dream home and a couple of months later you realize there are major roof leaks, structural cracks, and damp that will now cost you hundreds of thousands of rands to repair. Clarity is power. Therefore it is important to have a professional home inspection done before you sign the offer to purchase. The experts share more in this week’s episode.

Building your home from scratch is literally like a dream come true. But than life happens and you are forced to sell a couple of years later. The problem is now, you only get R500 000 less than what you built it for. In this week’s episode we chat to the experts about the resell value considerations when you do decide to build your dream home from scratch.

Guest details for episode 9

Skoko Sebola – Leapfrog Property Group

Marisia Robus – Gauteng Home Inspections

Linda Erasmus – Fine and Country

Episode 10

Sectional title; selling your home quickly; Buying a real estate franchise

This week on All About Property…

Many homeowners in sectional title complexes and estates are unclear of the laws that govern sectional title schemes. These laws are there to protect both homeowners and trustees against unconstitutional rules, as well as to protect the scheme from mismanagement and possibly turning into slums. Today we get more insight into the laws that govern sectional title schemes.

Also, in this episode…

There are many reasons why homeowners must sell their properties urgently. Some examples may include financial difficulties, insolvent estates, divorce, and relocation. We explore some of the solutions, that can assist home owners to sell their homes fast.

Many South Africans are looking for entrepreneurial ventures. This week we investigate the steps that you can take to successfully start and grow your own real estate agency franchise in South Africa.

Guest details for episode 10

Marina Constas – BBM Attorneys

Matt Koury – Kouro Property Group

Bruce Swain – Leapfrog Property Group

Episode 11

The Property Toolbox; Eco Pod Tiny Homes; Seller’s Checklist

This week on All About Property…

Statistics have shown that approximately 50% of home buyers in South Africa are buying properties for the first time. This means many people are making irreversible mistakes during the purchasing of these properties; Mistakes that could cost them thousands of rands in the long run. As a result, what should have been a happy moment for these buyers, ends up with buyer’s remorse. A Cape Town based property attorney have taken note of this problem and literally wrote the manual for home buyers. He calls it the Property Toolbox, and we met up with him to get the detail.

The Tiny Home movement has taken the world by storm, and basically what this means is that people are leaning more and more towards living in smaller spaces and only using what is needed. Here in South Africa an entrepreneur and timber home expert has taken this concept and gave it a local flavour, and he is calling it the Eco Pod Tiny Home. We’ve decided to meet up with him to get the ins and out of this invention.

There are lots of reasons why property transactions and the transfer of these properties get delayed. One such area is with the seller not knowing what is required of him during the sales transactions. We met up with a conveyancing attorney who provided us with a checklist for sellers to consider, that will ensure a smoother and quicker sales transaction.

Guest details for episode 11

Meyer de Waal – MDW Attorneys

Werner Slabbert – Eco Log Homes

Charlene Foster – Goliath Attorneys

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Episode 12

Structuring your Property Investments; Reviving SA’s inner cities; Renegotiating interest rate

This week on All About Property…

When investing in property we you can either do it as an individual, in a company or in a trust. We chat to an expert to find out which of these entities are the best for your individual property investment needs.

Inner city decay is a worldwide trend and it is just as prevalent here in our South African cities, especially in Johannesburg. We chat to a company that is working very closely with government and entrepreneurs to turn old and vacant inner-city buildings into affordable accommodation to address housing solutions in our cities.

Many homeowners don’t realize that they can re-negotiate the interest rate on their home loans with their banks. We chat to an expert to find out exactly how to go about doing this and what is required.

Guest details for episode 12

Doris Mpela

Katherine Cox – TUHF
Seko Mbatha – TUHF

Leroy Slava – Property Pick

Meyer de Waal – MDW Attorneys

Episode 13

Choosing the right real estate agent; Property investment opportunities in Rosebank; Housing solutions for the increasing Gauteng population

This week on All About Property…

Selling a property is probably the biggest item that you’ll ever sell. Therefore it is important that you identify a real estate agent that you can trust with a proven track record of selling properties successfully. We find out how to ensure you choose the right real estate agent for the marketing and sale of your biggest asset.

Rosebank is a residential and commercial hub north of Johannesburg and is nestled in between some of Johannesburg’s most sought after suburbs like Saxonwold, Parktown North, and Dunkeld. We investigate why this hub is ideal for the seasoned property investor and we specifically look at The Tyrwhitt, one of Rosebank’s most newly developed residential apartment blocks.

Gauteng is not just the economic hub of the African continent, it is also the smallest province in South Africa, but with the country’s biggest population with just over 15 million residents. According to a recent report issued by the Gauteng Provincial Government this figure is expected to increase with approximately 3 million people within the next ten years. We chat to a Gauteng based property developer to get his view on how this province and accommodate for this growing population from a housing point of view.

Guest details for episode 13

Michelle Cohen – Leapfrog Property Group

Linda Erasmus – Fine & Country

Moses Ramabulana – Muma Property developments

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