All About Property

If you are a home buyer, home seller, tenant, property investor, or simply just a property enthusiast, then All About Property is the show for you. As the name suggests, we are literally All About Property.  

The show is hosted by property enthusiast, Cornelius Koopman. Each week we invite real estate professionals and experts from all spheres of the real estate industry to share their expertise on everything property related. If you are looking for insight, advice, and solutions to your next property transaction, or if you simply want to stay up to date with what is happening in the world of the South African property industry then All About Property is not too be missed. In addition, each episode showcases a property listing from different segments of the market where the property practitioner takes us on a guided tour of the property. This way buyers get to see what is out there and sellers get an understanding of what the market is doing in which they are selling.  

Show Times:

Mon 16:30 | Tue 22:00 | Wed 20:30 | Thu 15:30 | Fri 12:30 | Sat 17:30 & 00:30 | Sun 13:00 & 21:30