Airbrushing on cakes

This week on Show Me How, Gloria Bastos is joined by Paul Fouche of Mondeor Homebake Supplies. He shows us how to create a stunning cake decoration using airbrushing techniques for a striking ‘frozen’ themed cake. He will teach us various techniques such how to use airbrushing techniques, decorating cakes using figurines, how to create different shades and styles, using stencils and so much more! We will also visit his studio where he shows us the in-depth process of cake decoration. 

Frozen Cake
By Paul Fouche’
Mondeor Home Bake Supplies
Tel: 0114333880


  • Two cakes – 8” and 10” round covered with white fondant
  • Turn Table, Rolling Pin, Crimping tool, Brushes & Stencils
  • White Fondant
  • Working Mat
  • Plunger cutters in Stars and Snowflakes
  • Figurines x 3
  • Airbrush kit
  • Colourants – Blue, Purple
  • Water
  • Mixing bowls
  • Steamer
  • Illusion glitter & Silver Powder
  • Isomalt
  • Quick dry paint medium
  • Sugar crystals
  • White Powder and dry brush


  • Step 1:
    • Stack the cakes on top of each other by using dowel sticks as supports and Royal Icing to secure the cakes.
    • Finish the edging of the cake by rolling out fondant into a sausage. Use water or petal glue and apply it with a brush on the areas where the sausage is going to be placed. Place around the cake and join the edges. Finish the look by using a crimping tool to emboss the pattern on the sausage and complete the effect all around.
  • Step 2: Airbrushing
    • In a small mixing bowl add water and your food colour according to the colour you need. I used a sky blue as my first colour. About 15ml water with 4 drops of colour.
    • The setting on you compressor must be on high. Add colour to the Airbrush pen holder and start to airbrush by pulling the leaver. Work from a distance of about 40cm from the cake surface.
    • Apply thin layers at a time and allow the colour to develop darker from the bottom and lighter towards the top. Turn the cake on the turn table, so that you apply the colour evenly all around the cake.
    • On low setting, airbrush swirls on the focus point of the cake. On low the flow of air will be low so work closer to the cake. Hold the airbrush pen about 5cm from the cake surface.
    • Apply a second colour, purple, to create depth and also do some swirls with the purple colour.
    • Paint Silver on some edges of the swirls to highlight the swirls. Add silver dots as an extra. The silver dust is mixed with a quick paint medium to turn the dust into a paint medium.
  • Step 3: Stencil work
    • A Stencil cutout of a snow flake was used to apply white powder on the dry surface of the cake. Use a dry brush when dusting to avoid the white powder falling onto the bottom of the cake. It will leave an impression mark of a snowflake. Use white fondant and roll it thinly out with a rolling pin. Use different sizes of stars and snowflake plunger cutters and cut 4 of each size. Allow these to dry.
  • Step 4: Isomalt
    • Heat the Isomalt on the stove to boiling point while stirring. Carefully spoon melted Isomalt onto a marble surface and spread it out to create long pieces. After cooling it will loosen easily from the surface.
    • To secure the Isomalt on the cake, use white fondant and built a mountain look. Create an effect with the shell tool. Also add white fondant to house the one figurine on the base. Use the same technique.
  • Step 5:
    • Use water or petal glue to secure the figurines onto the desired places.
  • Step 6:
    • Wet the white fondant mountain and around the figurines with water. Do not use too much, it might damage the fondant. Use it thinly on the cake. Sprinkle white sugar crystals around so that it can bond to the surface. Sprinkle around cake board and layers where the effect is needed. Steam the snowflakes and starts and dust them with glitter. Allow to dry for a few minutes and apply it to the ends of the painted swirls. Use water or petal glue to attach them. Place different sizes of Isomalt on the mountain, around the Elsa figurine, building up from low to high. Place the rest of the snowflakes around the cake to finish it off. Sprinkle Illusions glitter over the cake to complete the cake.

Take a closer look:

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