Aero Rocker

This project started as inspiration found on the internet. These projects often have no instructions, and it is thus vital that you plan your project before starting. This is what we used, along with the basic steps.

You will need:


  • Pine PAR 20mm thick
  • Rockers – 150mm x 1200mm – 2 pieces
  • Rocker base plate – 300 x 350mm  grain in long direction- 1 piece
  • Aeroplane centre – 200 x 800m – 1 piece
  • Wings 150 x 500mm grain in long direction- 2 pieces
  • Seat and tail flaps 150 x 400 mm grain in long direction – 2 pieces
  • Wheel supports and cross slats, propeller-   50 x 350mm – 4 pieces
  • 20mm pine dowel or broom stick – piece (must be at least 800mm long)
  • Extras
    • Wheels nylon/plastic white with black rubber 120mm with plastic bushes for bolts – 2 pieces
    • Bolts to fit above wheels x 80mm length – 2 pieces plus lock nuts plus 10 flat washers
    • Wheel plastic same as above 70mm with plastic bushes for bolts- 1 piece
    • Bolt to fit above wheel x 100 mm length – 1 piece plus lock nut plus 6 flat washers
    • 4 x 40 mm decking screws
    • Water based Clear varnish
    • Water based Darker stain varnish (not too dark and not Teak)


  1. Cut shape into centre and rocker.
  2. Smooth the rocker legs using a sander to ensure smooth rocking.
  3. Assemble rocker and base using glue and screws.
  4. Cut out wings and seat and router the edges.
  5. Assemble
  6. Paint or varnish
  7. Attach wheels and propeller

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