A Long Weekend In

A Long Weekend in…with Rory O’Connell follows the popular Cork chef enjoying the culture as well as the cuisine of eight European cities – Palma de Mallorca, Vienna, Lisbon, Madrid, Bath, Nantes, Copenhagen and Edinburgh. In each episode, Rory visits a different city, and while the primary focus is on food, Rory is a knowledgeable guide to so much more, with art and design being interests of his.  In Palma de Mallorca, Rory is thrilled to find an exhibition of Picasso’s ceramics in a railway station, and he visits a factory where the traditional Mallorca fabric is made.  In Madrid, he eschews the expected trip to the Prado Museum and looks instead at the street art and graffiti that’s been painted on the walls of an old tobacco factory. From visiting the oldest restaurant in the world to learning how to bake Portugal’s best custard tarts in a Lisbon cookery school, Rory takes viewers on a journey through eight European cities highlighting the best of local cuisine and art in each one. At the end of each episode, Rory makes a delicious dish with the local produce which he sources on his travels.