Drum planter

In this week’s episode of Get It Done, Peter and Annalien turns a metal drum into a planter and makes a hosepipe holder from a metal rim.

You will need



PCM Compound Mitre saw 35mm brandering
12 volt Cordless Drill driver Legs and cross slats 700mm – 6 pieces
18 volte cordless drill driver Metal Drum
PEX Eccentric sander Car Rim (good condition) – 1 piece
PST 18 Volt cordless jigsaw Rim face – Plywood
POF 1400 Router 4 x 60mm screws
Angle Grinder with flap disc cable ties (small pack) +/- 200 mm long
Wire Wheel to fit drills Metal spray paint Primer – 2 tins
PPR Roller Sander Colour spray paint
  Clear pipe
  Potting soil – 2 bags
  plants to fill drum


Drum planter

  1. Sand drum (and rim)
  2. Spray with primer
  3. Paint with colour
  4. Cut legs to size
  5. Cut cross slats to size
  6. Join slats with Half-lap joint
  7. Sand and varnish legs
  8. Attach drum to legs
  9. Assemble drum and legs
  10. Cut clear hose to size and put over rim
  11. Fill drum with soil and plants

Hose reel

  1. Cut ply wood to fit rim
  2. Drill holes to fasten ply wood onto the rim
  3. Cut storage compartment into plywood board
  4. Sand and varnish wood
  5. Paint rim
  6. Attach wood to the rim using screws

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